Wireless sensor networks integrated into a real-time video surveillance system

video surveillance systems

How many times have you returned home to discover that someone has broken into your house or shop, ransacked your home or business, and left it completely trashed? Fortunately, there are ways to keep yourself informed of any intruders and detect break-ins as they occur. One of the most effective methods to do this is through the use of real-time video surveillance systems integrated with wireless sensor networks (WNS). Today, let’s learn how these two technologies work together to provide greater levels of security and protection than ever before possible.

Wireless Video Surveillance Systems

Today’s technology has turned video surveillance systems completely wireless. Most commercial buildings and smaller businesses are now opting for wireless video surveillance systems because they can be easily installed and scaled without sacrificing quality of service. Not only do these wireless video security cameras offer superb performance in comparison to wired video surveillance systems, but they also eliminate common installation costs, provide better scalability and flexibility, give you full mobility over your security camera system and allow multiple users to connect to different areas of your property wirelessly from a single location. If you have not yet made the switch to next-generation wireless video analytics solutions that enable mobile monitoring capabilities, it’s time to take your business into new territory. Read on to learn more about next-generation video analytics Canada.

How does this technology work?

The main purpose of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology is to efficiently, economically and effectively sense, communicate and process information. The technology is an emerging development that seeks to make significant advancements in areas such as communications and networking, industrial automation, healthcare, defense and aerospace. In recent years there has been a growing demand for wireless video surveillance systems with high level performance requirements — in particular, advanced security monitoring for critical infrastructure applications with resistance to hostile environments. Now we have got next generation wireless video surveillance systems that are very useful in modern cities as well as large open areas where major public events are held regularly like festivals or concerts where lots of people gather together. Wireless monitoring helps reduce operational costs since wiring is not needed but still can provide excellent coverage area by minimizing blind spots.

Video Surveillance Technology

Real time wireless camera technology in Canada is one of next generation of surveillance systems. With most traditional security cameras, you will have to wait until an incident happens, and then you have to go back and find that footage if it exists at all. With next generation video analytics Canada, we are starting to see more and more wireless video surveillance systems which combine wireless camera technology with other security tools such as home automation systems and access control. Real time wireless camera technology makes it easier than ever before for us to protect our homes or businesses remotely without having to worry about whether we are going to miss an intruder sneaking in while we aren’t there. The fact that these new technologies also include motion detection means they can send alerts directly to your phone or email when something suspicious happens, so you don’t even have to be there physically. You don’t need to be a high-end business owner to take advantage of next generation video analytics Canada either; these systems are available for both residential and commercial use so even homeowners who want extra protection for their property can enjoy some peace of mind by using them. The next time you think about upgrading your security system, consider looking into some of these cutting edge options instead; they may just make your life much easier down the road!

Next Generation Video Analytics Canada

In today’s world there is an overwhelming amount of data, and it is growing quickly. Most systems were designed for legacy paradigms that involved static architecture and just a few sources of data. Today, next generation video analytics Canada are increasingly becoming more dynamic as new applications require many sources of information to be gathered, analyzed and processed in order to arrive at informed decisions. At Tomas we have been working on next generation video analytics projects for over fifteen years. Our experts have extensive experience with integrating embedded processors such as cameras and sensors into our systems, in addition to dealing with large scale distributed processing systems using cloud technology.

Real Time Video Surveillance Systems

Although most of us would rather forget about them, security cameras are an important part of our lives and help keep us safe. As technology improves and becomes more affordable, it’s becoming easier to incorporate these systems into our homes and businesses. The next generation of video analytics cameras can even send alerts to your smartphone when they notice anything out of place or that requires attention. Add wireless capabilities, and now you can add multi-sensor capabilities to protect your family or business 24/7 — no matter where you are! Now that’s what we call next-generation video analytics! To learn more about next-generation video analytics, contact VertexPlus Technologies.

Integration challenges for wireless video systems with wireless sensors

If you’re considering adding wireless components to your existing video surveillance system, know that they are not necessarily plug and play. Wireless systems use next-generation network protocols and may require special equipment or an entirely new networking structure. The challenges aren’t impossible to overcome, but you’ll need a professional integrator with expertise in wireless technology who can design and implement an appropriate solution for your business. You can save yourself considerable time and money by working with an integrator early on in your planning stages, so be sure to ask them what they recommend at each step of your process. They should be able to guide you through all aspects of integrating wireless technologies into your video surveillance system, including: choosing hardware; setting up a mesh network; configuring security settings; establishing reliable transmission paths; and more.



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